Public Transportation with Hafilat Cards in Abu Dhabi

Welcome to our blog, where we’ll explore the convenience and simplicity of the Hafilat card, an electronic marvel transforming public transportation in Abu Dhabi. The Hafilat card is more than just a bus pass; it’s a smart card that makes your daily commute a breeze. Now say goodbye to paper tickets and hello to quick, cashless payments. This card doesn’t only make your journey eco-friendly; you can get discounts and it can automatically track your journeys. Join us on a journey through the world of Hafilat and discover how it’s revolutionizing transportation in Abu Dhabi.

How to get a Hafilat cards Abu Dhabi Public Transportation

Types of Hafilat cards available

There are various kinds of Hafilat cards available, to know which one would be best for you, refer to the below table:

CardEligibility PriceValidity
Contactless Smart Ticket (CST)AnyoneFree1 Month
Anonymous Smart CSCAnyoneAED 105 Years
Contactless Smart Card Personalised CSCAnyoneAED 105 Years
Senior Citizen Smart CSCSenior citizensAED 55 Years
Smart Card Special Needs/Disabled CSCDisable PeopleAED 55 Years
Contactless Smart Card StudentsStudentsAED 55 Years

Locations where you can apply for a Hafilat card

There are various options for you to buy a Hafilat card. Below, we have listed them for you:

Bus Stations: 

Hafilat cards are available at various bus stations in Abu Dhabi. Look for dedicated ticket sales counters to purchase or recharge your card easily.

Ticket Vending Machines: 

Many bus stations have ticket vending machines that allow you to buy Hafilat cards. For your convenience, these vending machines also offer payment options via credit or debit cards.

Authorized Retailers/Resellers: 

You can find Hafilat cards at departmental stores, supermarkets, and kiosks. Simply inquire with the staff at these locations to check if the cards are available.

Customer Service Centers: 

The Department of Municipalities and Transport (DMT) operates customer service centers. These centers are convenient for purchasing Hafilat Cards, and they offer round-the-clock assistance for all your public transportation needs, along with other card options.

Necessary documents for the application process

To get your Hafilat card, you need to have the following documents:

  • Valid ID like your passport or Emirates ID
  • Copy of your resident visa
  • Valid certified medical card/report (in special cases)

How to use a Hafilat Cards in Abu Dhabi

Activating your Hafilat card

You do not need to activate your card manually, it gets automatically activated after you buy it. And you can use it immediately.

Understanding the card’s tap-and-go system

You can use your Hafilat in the following simple steps:

Step 1: Tap your card on the reader when you board the bus.

Step 2: You do not have to do anything, the amount will be deducted from your card balance.

Step 3: If the green light pops, it means your transaction is successful and you can continue your journey.

Navigating through different modes of transport using the card

With your Hafilat card, you can navigate through the following modes of transport:

Public Buses: 

Use your Hafilat card on all public buses in Abu Dhabi. Just tap your card on the reader when you board the bus.

Shared Mobility Services: 

Some shared mobility services like Careem Bike and Fenix in Abu Dhabi allow payment with Hafilat cards. When you book a ride through these apps, choose Hafilat as your payment method.

Checking your card balance and adding credit

The procedure of checking and adding balance to your Halifat card is very simple. By following the following five steps, it will be done:

Step 1: Visit The Official Website
Go on to the official website. There you will find all the options like registration, recharging, and paying fines. Click on your desired service. 

Step 2: Fill In The Required Details
Fill in all the required details from the back of your card. Make sure that there is a green sign on the page before moving to the next page.

Step 3: Enter The Amount
Put the amount you want to and move forward. Then you’ll be redirected to the payment page.

Step 4: Complete Your Transaction 
Complete your payment by filling in the required payment details.

Step 5: Receive a confirmation message
You’ll receive an order number and a confirmation of your payment. The credit will be reflected in your card balance within 48-72 hours.

Using the T-Purse feature for a seamless payment experience

T-Purse feature is your savior if you’re looking for a seamless payment experience when you travel from regional buses in Abu Dhabi. It is an electronic wallet designed for passengers traveling on regional buses in Abu Dhabi. It is a seamless payment option for your bus journeys. To give you clarity, we have described the charges, weekly pass, and monthly pass details below:

For regional services: The boarding charge is 2 AED plus 5 fils per kilometer.
For express/intercity services: The boarding charge is 2 AED plus 10 fils per kilometer.

Weekly Pass:
If you travel regularly, then the weekly pass can be a good option for you. You can enjoy unlimited bus trips in Abu Dhabi for just 30 AED per week. It will be valid for one week.

Monthly Pass:
If you are planning to travel throughout the city for a whole month, go for a monthly pass. You can get it for just 80 AED for the whole month.

Get your monthly pass at Ticket Office Machine counters and Ticket Vending Machines.

Troubleshooting and tips for using your Hafilat card

  • What to do in case of a lost or damaged card
    If you have lost a Contactless Smart Card Personalised Hafilat, immediately report at the ticket office at the bus station. They will provide you with a new card with a new card.

    In the case of other cards, you will not be able to restore your card and you will not get your old balance back.

Tips for ensuring a smooth experience while using the Hafilat card

In order to travel hassle-free, you should keep the following tips in mind:

  • Check Your Balance: 
    It is essential that you check your balance before the journey. You can do this by tapping your card on a Hafilat ticket office machine, visiting the Hafilat website, or using the Hafilat mobile app.
  • Tap In and Out: 
    If you do not want to get penalized, make sure that you tap your Hafilat card on the reader at the time of boarding and at the time of exiting.
  • Keep Your Card Safe: 
    In order to keep your card safe, do not try to fold or blend it, and keep it away from high temperatures. This will make sure that you do not face any payment trouble. 
  • Seek Help if Needed: 
    No one is perfect. If you feel that you do not know something then ask the respective authorities about it. It is always better to ask rather than to get penalized for doing something unauthorized.

Benefits of using a Hafilat card

There are a lot of benefits of a Hafilat card. To give you a glimpse, we have listed out some of them below:

  • Affordability: You get discounted prices at the time of your journey
  • Convenience: You can track and manage your expenditures with your Hafilat card
  • Easy to carry: You can carry them anywhere easily
  • Comfort: You do not have to worry about purchasing and keeping paper tickets
  • Saves time: It saves your boarding time


In conclusion, getting a Hafilat card is your ticket to an enhanced and more efficient public transportation experience in Abu Dhabi. The benefits are clear – affordability with discounted fares, convenience in tracking and managing expenses, easy portability, and many more. The time saved at boarding is an added bonus. In this blog, you’ve learned your way to becoming a responsible and smart traveler in Abu Dhabi. So, don’t hesitate to get your Hafilat card; it’s a small investment that promises big returns in terms of convenience and seamless journeys throughout this vibrant city. Happy travels!

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