Job Loss: UAE's Unemployment Insurance Scheme

Last Call for Registration

The registration deadline for the Unemployment Insurance Scheme in the  UAE has passed. Many workers missed out due to lack of awareness.

Benefits of Registration

Learn how registering for the scheme can benefit employees. It provides financial support when you lose your job unexpectedly.

Immediate Financial Aid

When you lose your job due to unforeseen circumstances, the scheme offers 60% of your basic salary for 3 months.

Eligibility and Requirements

To avail of this scheme, you must meet certain conditions: 12 months of  subscription, payment of all premiums, filing a claim within 30 days of  contract termination, and a valid work permit.

Subscription Period

A minimum subscription of 12 months is necessary to qualify for the Unemployment Insurance Scheme in the UAE.

Premium Payments

Ensure all insurance premiums are paid regularly to enjoy the benefits of the scheme.

Claim Process

Learn about the claim process, which must be initiated within 30 days of your employment contract ending.

Secure Your Future

Secure your financial future by registering for the Unemployment Insurance Scheme in the UAE today!